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Can Goldfish See Color & Can They See In The Dark?

Can Goldfish See Color & Can They See In The Dark?

Goldfish lovers will be among the first to tell you about them being popular in the pet world. Goldfish have been kept as pets for centuries and are still one of the most widely-kept fish. Their vibrant colours, intelligent dispositions, and ease of care make them an excellent choice for both beginner and experienced aquarists alike.

Despite all the attention we devote to goldfish, many people have misconceptions about these creatures. Some people seem to think, for example, that goldfish can't see in colour or that they can only survive in the dark. In this article, we check out whether certain beliefs such as these are true or false, and discuss just what they can and cannot see.

How Do Goldfish See?

To gain a greater understanding of how a fish's eye works, we must first look at the anatomy of the fish's eye. For the most part, a fish's eye resembles a mammal's eyes; it has a cornea, iris, and lens. However, fish lenses are somewhat spherical in shape, compared to the more oval shape of mammal lenses.

The primary component of the fish's eye is the retina. The retina contains the rod and cone cells, which are responsible for detecting light and colour. That means, the retina contains vision sensors, as well as all-optical night vision.

Like other animals, goldfish are attuned to their vision, needing it for their basic survival tasks. It's precisely for this reason that tasks involved in feeding, avoiding predators, and exploring mating are essential to the goldfish's way of life. Precisely how good are goldfish at seeing?

Do Goldfish See Color?

In a goldfish's eye, red, green, and blue light combine to form a spectrum of colours. Humans have three types of colour receptors in their eyes, which are red, green, and blue. Every colour we vision is a result of a combination of these three colours. Goldfish, however, not only see the colours humans see but can see things in an entirely different light spectrum.

Essentially, this gives goldfish sensitivity to polarized light those with light wavelengths that are far shorter or longer than what a human's eyes can see. Whereas humans have vision limited to light between 400 nm and 700 nm, goldfish can see as low as 200 nm and up to 900 nm! This makes their sight superior to that of most other species.

You as an aquarium designer can come up with a more relaxing and more natural space for your beloved goldfish by installing light bulbs with a higher UV output. You can also use different types of light to make your tank's appearance unique. For instance, the blue light will make your aquarium look cooler and more soothing, while the red light will make it look warmer and more inviting.

Can Goldfish See In The Dark?

All kinds of goldfish from the common goldfish to the Owatonna subspecies feature a poor ability to see in the dark since their highly developed sense of smell helps them find their way. In the wild, goldfish would typically only come to the surface at night to graze and would rely on their sense of taste to help them navigate deeper waters.

Even though goldfish can navigate a dark fish tank, it doesn't mean you can forgo aquarium lights altogether! Like people, goldfish need a healthy balance between daylight and nighttime to keep their circadian rhythm. Natural light is wonderful, but a bright light fixture will help your aquarium set up a great deal.

Visual acuity is an important aspect to keep in mind in a dark aquarium. It is essential that you have lots of locations where your fish can hide in the event that it's important to plant a harmful object in your tank.

How Far Can Goldfish See?

Experienced goldfish keepers will tell you that goldfish are adept at finding food no matter where it's hidden in their tanks. But how far can they see?

Goldfish actually have relatively poor eyesight, given that they can only be able to see clearly up to 15 feet away. Compared to humans who can see clearly up to hundreds of feet, goldfish have a slightly less acute vision. While they are not generally in need of good vision, in the wild they do, for the most part, need to use their vision capabilities.

In captivity, this isn't a problem either. In a small tank, a typical goldfish can swim no more than a few meters in any direction. If you have extra-large fish tanks or ponds, you may want to add a few strategically placed plants or objects to give your pet more ideas. You ought to be careful not to surprise your fish with a sudden movement if you are approaching them from afar.

Adding these few simple elements will make your goldfish's home even more comfortable for them. So go ahead and add your favourite colourful ornaments or new technologically advanced lamps.

Do Goldfish Sleep?

Fish like to sleep in order to stay alive, rest, obtain nutrients, and prepare for mating and foraging activities.

Goldfish, also known as goldfish, have a near-hourly cycle of activity and sleep that is regulated by what is around the fish. Your cute pet will often sleep through the night when it is dim, so you can enjoy your favourite sight throughout the night!

To promote healthy sleep, it's essential to provide your goldfish with a dark and quiet environment at night. You can do this by turning off aquarium lights or by using a nighttime light bulb. If the fish appear to be restless or stressed, you may also want to try adding a few floating plants to the water to help create a more calming environment.

Can Goldfish See Better Than Other Fish?

Goldfish are one of the very best varieties of fish you are going to ever see, but since other fish have much better eyesight, their sense is especially well-developed.

Certain fish species have evolved to come equipped with tapetum lucidum, a layer of cells at the back of the eye that enables them to see in low light. This is beneficial to catfish, which mostly come out at night, because they are very active. Furthermore, many cold-water and dark-water fish have developed special adaptations that allow them to see in the dark.

These modifications include larger eyes, pupils that dilated to permit more light, and reflectors behind the eyes that help bounce back light to the retina. Lantern fish, which can be found in the deep sea, even have a special light-producing organ called a photophore that allows them to see in the dark.

Because of their habitat, the fish have not really had to develop special adaptations with regard to their eyesight, so their vision is not as great in low-light circumstances as compared to other species of fish. However, they are still able to see and express themselves a lot better than much freshwater fish, and they can perceive their environment even in very poor lighting conditions.


Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about goldfish! These interesting little creatures, with their special sense of sight, are a favourite pets for many people. We hope you got to know more about their fascinating biology and quirks after reading this fun article.

Goldfish can see colours that humans cannot see, and can rely upon their sense of smell to navigate the dark. As an aquarist, it is your job to understand your goldfish s vision and use this information in order to create a more natural environment for them. That way, you will have a large number of happy, healthy animals inside of your fish tank!

Thanks for reading our post. Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you think! And be sure to come back to us soon for more interesting and informative articles about ichthyology.

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