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World’s Most Expensive Goldfish - Do You Have it?

World’s Most Expensive Goldfish - Do You Have it?

The world's most expensive Goldfish was sold at auction for $1.8 million. The Goldfish, named Goldfish, ascended to the top of the list of most expensive fish ever sold and drew international attention to the costly fish market.

So what makes a goldfish worth millions? The answer is that some types of Goldfish have a high value. This article will examine the world's most expensive goldfish breeds in this article.

What Affects Goldfish Price?

Before starting the most expensive goldfish breeds, it's essential to understand what factors affect the price of Goldfish. The following are some crucial factors that possibly affect goldfish prices.


Amateur enthusiasts may be interested to know that female Goldfish are much less expensive than males. Although males are sought after for their bright colors and patterns, it is possible to find similarly spirited females in a wide array of shapes, colorings, and sizes.

If you intend to grow Goldfish, getting at least two males and one female is crucial to maximizing your chances of success. Goldfish can begin breeding at approximately 3 months, so if you are lucky, you might be able to get a breeding pair at the price of a single male.


Older tangs typically command higher prices as they age because of their rarity and specialty coloration.

Older fish are likely to be derived from prestigious bloodlines, making them much better. If you plan on purchasing a show-quality goldfish, anticipate paying more.


The color of a goldfish can also affect how expensive it is. The rarer and more unusual the color, the higher the fish will be. This is true for metallic colors such as gold, platinum, and iridescent, which appeal to many collectors for their rarity.

Some goldfish are also bred to be albino, meaning they have no color. These fish are the most prized of all and can fetch prices in the thousands of dollars.


The most common types of Goldfish do not necessarily translate to the most expensive. In fact, some of the rarest and most exotic types of Goldfish on the market can bring jaw-dropping prices at auction.

A few of the fancy goldfish species, such as the Oranda and the Lionhead, are more expensive than the average Goldfish due to their rarity and environmental impact.

Goldfish breeds are more prized than others, such as the Japanese Telescope, which can sell for thousands.


Having a beautifully rare or exotic breed, a giant goldfish can be the most expensive since it's more difficult to land and often commands a higher cost. The current record holder for the world's most significant Goldfish is a fish named Goliath. Goliath was sold at auction in the UK for 1,000 pounds (about $1,600 US).

17 Most Expensive Goldfish In The World

Now that we know some of the factors that affect the price of Goldfish, let s take a look at some of the most expensive fish in the world:

1. Ranchu Goldfish

Ranchu Goldfish

Ranchu Goldfish is a popular choice for beginner fish keepers. They are easy to care for, have a small minimum tank size, and are not too aggressive. These fish can be kept in a community setting or individually.

Price $25. The maximum height is 8 inches. The care level is a beginner. Lifespan is up to 15 years.

A type of Goldfish with a rounded body and plump shape, the ranchu Goldfish is a popular choice for both novice and experienced fishkeepers. Originated in Japan, the ranchu Goldfish is ubiquitous and distinguished in East Asian aquaria.

At only $25, the ranchu Goldfish is one of the cheaper options on our rundown. It is available in a wide array of colors, but the most fashionable is deep red. This makes these fish an excellent option for those looking for a vivid, sparkling tank addition.

2. Lionhead Goldfish

Lionhead Goldfish

The lion head goldfish is a type of Goldfish that is characterized by its large, protruding mane. Unlike other varieties of Goldfish, the lion head goldfish do not have a dorsal fin. This means that its back is completely smooth.

Those looking for an exciting goldfish to add to their aquarium often choose the lion head goldfish. This long-lasting fish is easy to care for, which positively impacts the encounter.

3. Fantail Goldfish

Fantail Goldfish

Less is often more. This is undoubtedly the case with the fantail goldfish, a species of Goldfish distinguished by its small size. The fantail goldfish typically grows up to only 7 inches, making it an appropriate choice for those who are not looking for a giant fish but still wish to pursue an artistic decoration.

The primary distinguishing characteristic of the fantail goldfish is its unique tail, shaped like a fan. No other goldfish quite resembles this type, but it is one of the reasons people love it so much!

4. Pearlscale Goldfish

Pearlscale Goldfish

Goldfish are one of the most popular fish in the world and come in all shapes and sizes. However, when it comes to pearl scale goldfish, you'll be hard-pressed to find them for sale anywhere. That's because these particular fish are scarce and expensive.

A pearl scale goldfish is a beautiful fish with a unique coloration. They're also one of the rarest types of Goldfish out there, so if you're looking to buy one,

you may have to settle for something less glamorous. Regardless of their rarity, pearl scale goldfish are still some of the best-looking fish around and make great additions to any aquarium.

The pearlescent scale goldfish is a small, shiny fish with rounded scales. Its scales are pearl-like and are carbonate deposits. This fish imparts a unique and attractive appearance to it.

Pearlscale Goldfish is one of the more popular varieties of fish in the pet trade today. As with all fish, there is a range in price for these fish. Prices can vary depending on the location, time of year, and availability. Generally, pearl scale goldfish cost between $10 and $25 per fish.

5. Chocolate Pompom Goldfish

Chocolate Pompom Goldfish

A pull-up goldfish is a type of Goldfish characterized by its brown, cream, and orange coloring. The pom-pom-shaped weaner is more unusual than other Goldfish's more traditional, symmetrical markings.

This type of Goldfish is a favorite among people looking for something distinctive. It is also an extremely hardy fish not afflicted with many diseases. Although less common than other kinds of goldfish oranda, the chocolate pompom goldfish is available from pet stores and online vendors.

At one time, Chocolate Pompom Goldfish was a popular pet. But with so many other choices, they are now harder to find and more expensive. A chocolate pompom goldfish can cost anywhere from $10 to $30.

6. Panda Moor Goldfish

Panda Moor Goldfish

The panda moor goldfish is a type of Goldfish easily identified by its black-and-white markings. The price of a panda moor goldfish may sometimes exceed $50. Notwithstanding, this Goldfish is both attractive and cost-effective, as it's simple to maintain and requires low maintenance.

7. Panda Ranchu Goldfish

Panda Ranchu Goldfish

Panda ranchu golden, just like the panda moor golden, is characterized by its white and black markings. However, the difference is that the panda moor golden's body is long and slim, while the panda ranch golden is round and chubby.

This distinct difference in body shape makes the panda ranchu goldfish appealing to those looking for an unusual, exotic new addition to their fish tanks.

Panda Ranchu Goldfish are some of the most popular fish in the pet industry. Prices for these fish vary depending on where you live, but they typically range from $10 to $60 per fish.

8. Shubunkin Goldfish

Shubunkin Goldfish

The shubunkin goldfish is a kind of Goldfish that is closely related to the typical Goldfish. It is distinguished by its slender, elongated shape and variegated coloration. Shubunkins can be found in several colors: brown, black, white, and calico.

At prices hovering around $75, this is the least expensive fish on our list. This allows you to add more variety to your tank without breaking the bank!

9. Butterfly Tail Goldfish

Butterfly Tail Goldfish

Butterfly tail goldfish are a beautiful kind of Goldfish with a tapering tail that has earned its species name. The shape of this tail is fan-shaped, and its outward projection creates a lovely, graceful appearance for the fish.

Butterfly goldfish, although easy to take care of, is still a good choice of fish for an intermediate fish keeper. Though this easy-going nature and unique appearance cost a pretty penny!

Price $80 and higher; maximum size 7 inches; care level intermediate; lifespan from 8-10 years.

10. Red Oranda

Red Oranda

The price tag on a red oranda goldfish is between $80 and $120. The recommended minimum tank size for a species member is 12 inches; intermediate-care fish are best suited. Their lifespan typically ranges from 15 to 20 years.

At first glance, the red oranda goldfish may appear very similar to the Ryukin Goldfish. However, upon closer inspection, there are a few key differences. The principal is that the red oranda goldfish has a somewhat more prominent wen on its head. This is a fleshy growth that is widely popular among goldfish lovers.

11. Giant Thai Lionchu Goldfish

Giant Thai Lionchu Goldfish

The massive Thai lionchu Goldfish is one of the most atypical and exciting the largest fish species. The name is brought on by its relationship with a lion and a goldfish and is prized for its unique coloration. Maximum Price Up to $90. Life expectancy Up to 20 years.

This fish requires intermediate care, as it is somewhat more challenging to keep than other Goldfish. However, if you desire to put forth a little extra effort, the reward is a unique goldfish that will envy all your friends!

12. Ryukin Goldfish

Ryukin Goldfish

Ryukin goldfish, a type of Goldfish distinguished by its long fins and yellow coloration, is a favorite of both beginners and expert fish enthusiasts. The inhabitants of this species, which sell for between $15 and $120, are said to be well worth the mere investment of additional money.

13. Panda Oranda

Panda Oranda

Goldfish enthusiasts are no strangers to the panda oranda goldfish. This goldfish variety is notable for its black and white stripes and elongated shape.

At $120, it's an eye-opening price for people unfamiliar with the type of Goldfish that comes with it. However, if you are willing to pay the fee, you can expect a hardy, attractive fish. A panda oranda goldfish is an effective option for anyone looking for a vibrant addition to their fish tank due to its resistance to various water conditions.

14. Red and White Short-Tail Ryukin Goldfish

Red and White Short-Tail Ryukin Goldfish

The red-and-white shorttail Ryukin Goldfish is a type of Goldfish that is characterized by its short, squat body and red-and-white coloration. This is a resilient fish that resists disease and is an excellent starter for those who don't have much experience with goldfish care.

Although resilient, the red and white short-tailed ryukin Goldfish requires some primary care. It should be kept in a tank of at least 30 gallons and fed quality goldfish food. Cost $130, Maximum Size 8 inches, Care Level Beginner, Lifespan Up to 10 years.

15. Red Cap Oranda Goldfish

Red Cap Oranda Goldfish

The Red-spined panda goldfish is a type of Goldfish known for its bright red color, which can make it an impressive addition to any fish tank.

Red cap oranda goldfishes are a popular alternative to other species of both oranda goldfish and those looking for a beginner or intermediate fishkeeper. Show-quality fish can cost up to $300, but those looking to purchase a healthy, stunning little one that's just beginning its swimming career can find one such fish for as little as $150.

16. Giant Oranda Goldfish

Giant Oranda Goldfish

The gigantic Aryan oranda goldfish is the most significant kind of oranda goldfish and can grow up to 18 inches in length. This stunning fish is also a difficult one that requires a lot of space and special care.

The giant oranda goldfish is a good fit for those with plenty of space to accommodate its needs. This fish, however, is extraordinarily uncommon and must be purchased at a high price. Giants oranda goldfish may sell for up to $200 at auction.

17. Tosakin Goldfish

Tosakin Goldfish

The tosaikan Goldfish is a type of Goldfish distinguished by its distinctive body shape and flowing fins. This beautiful fish may be costly, with prices for top-quality specimens reaching as high as $300.

The fish commonly referred to in Japanese as tuna can be hard to locate in the U.S. other than those from Japan. However, they are available online and in pet stores across the country.


Here s the rundown on some of the most essential Goldfish worldwide. Whether you're a novice or a proficient fishkeeper, you can find something in this rundown that catches your eye. So why not make a purchase of one of these beautiful creatures someday?

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